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Tourist network for industrial culture in Brandenburg

Anything real. Experience the regional past, discover the future

Brandenburg is a dream for those interested in industrial culture. Former open-pit mines, abandoned factories, historical power plants, visionary factory settlements, legendary clusters: Hardly any federal state offers this wealth of fascinating industrial relics. The Tourist Network for Industrial Culture in Brandenburg lifts this treasure from its niche into the shop window of the travel region and makes you want to discover the places and their stories - and understand them.

Food, fabrics, coal and building materials such as clay and limestone, brick and frosted glass - all this has nourished and shaped people and cities over the centuries. The history of industrialization can be experienced in all corners of the country. The diverse connections with Berlin are exciting. Because without Brandenburg's resources, the rapid development of Berlin into a metropolis would have been unthinkable.

Discover living past. How small does it feel in a jeep in the middle of an active limestone mine or looking at a changing landscape from 74 meters up? Get to know old handicrafts and try out what has been a tradition for centuries: from burning bricks to artistic casting and viticulture to blowing glass. Diverse exhibitions and hands-on offers for young and old convey the life and work of people from that time to the present.

The tourist network for industrial culture in Brandenburg presents places of Brandenburg industrial culture that can be experienced and gives tour tips for day trips between deep forests, wide fields and numerous lakes.

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The brickworks park was created on an area of ​​former brickworks. In the last ten years, numerous old industrial buildings have been repaired, important leisure infrastructure for visitors has been created and exciting exhibitions have been created. These investments were largely borne by the state of Brandenburg and the district of Oberhavel. The district of Oberhavel finances part of the operating costs with an annual subsidy. The operating company of the park is WINTO GmbH.

You can also get involved – as a sponsor or event or image partner. Here is a brief overview of why your involvement in the brickworks park is worthwhile:

With more than 1 million visitors since 1997, the park is one of the most important and successful destinations in Brandenburg.

Benefit from the positive image change: A brownfield site has become a project that creates identity for the residents and has a signaling effect for the tourist development of the region.

Your (potential) customers are our visitors and partner companies: 2/3 of the visitors come from Berlin/Brandenburg. We work with many medium-sized companies in the region.

Your advertising message is associated with a positive mood: Visitors to the brickworks park are not in their everyday life, but in a leisure time situation and associate the information they have received with this positive experience.