Train rides and activities in the Brickworks Park and Nature Park "Uckermärkische Seen"

A slight jerk and off you go on the brickworks railway through the brickworks park, past ring kilns and machine halls. Find your favorite place in the park and take part in one of our interactive activities, where all your questions will be answered individually and you can experience live how an old steam engine is brought back to life.

Guided tours_Train mascot_©ZP_Illustrator Oliver Eger

Brickyard tour
"the park at a glance"

The tour for “Ziegeleipark beginners”! This field railway (original locomotive with replica wagons) used to transport bricks, coal and other materials on the company premises. Go on a big tour with it. The train driver draws your attention to exciting things and gives you valuable tips for your stay. You even drive through the building of the old "Ziegelei Stackebrandt". The ride on the brickworks railway is included in the brickworks park ticket.

Driving times of the brickworks tour

12.00, 13.00, 14.00, 15.00, 16.00, 17.00

45 min.

Guided tours_Ziegeleibahnfahrt_©ZP_Fotografin Julia Nimke

Nature park tour

The brickworks park is embedded in a wonderful lake and cultural landscape. Don't miss this ride through the so-called "tonstich landscape". It leads through part of the "Uckermark Lakes Nature Park". On the way with an original clay wagon train, which used to commute between clay pits and brickworks. Enjoy the idyllic ride. In Burgwall, in the middle of the clay engraving landscape, your train driver explains how huge masses of clay were created and how nature is now reclaiming the terrain. The ride on the Tonlorenbahn is included in the brick factory ticket.

Driving time of the nature park tour:
daily at 13:00 p.m

90 min.

Guided tours_nature park tour_©ZP

Training to become an honorary steam engine driver

ATTENTION: The steam locomotive is due to technical reasons
not usable indefinitely!

Climb into the locomotive driver's cab yourself and get to know our steam locomotive
Get to know LOWA from a completely different perspective. Join us, learn this
Maneuvering, grabbing coal and water and greasing. break down
Guidance and supervision of a professional train driver on the journey from the museum port
to the former clay mine to Burgwall on 630 mm narrow-gauge tracks.
In the evening there is a hearty cauldron meal and if successful
Completion of the one-day training a t-shirt and a certificate as a reminder.

Costs 550 €


Annett Lepschies
(group and corporate events)
Telephone (0 33 07) 30 25 45

Guided tours_Honorary steam engine drivers_©ZP

Daily Promotions

How is a brick painted? What is a ring kiln? And what does a steam engine have to do with transmission? Every day we explain and show you interactively what it was like to work in a brickworks.

Hand stroke in action:
daily 10:30 a.m. & 15:00 p.m

30 min.

Back then, the production of bricks was hard manual work. The tour guide will show you the hand painting process and answer all your questions about painting bricks. After that you can try it yourself.

Actions_Handstrich in action

Ring kiln briefly explained:
daily 11:15 a.m. & 15:45 p.m

30 min.

With the invention of the ring kiln, it was possible to continuously and en masse produce the building material for the up-and-coming Berlin. The tour guide clearly explains how the fire in the ring kiln moved.

Interactive Museum_Ringofen IV

Steam engine in action
daily at 11:30 p.m

30 min.

Did you know? The large steam engine in the Stackebrandt brickworks generated the power for all traction engines, electricity for the lighting and the electric drives. This gigantic technology is not only explained, but also demonstrated.

Interactive Museum_Ziegelei Stackebrandt_©justconnected

Transmission briefly explained
daily at 12:15 p.m

30 min.

In the old workshops, an old transmission system with large leather straps distributed the energy to several machines. The tour guide demonstrates the transmission live and brings the old machines to life.

Guided tours_Technical guide_©ZP_Photographer Susanne Wernicke

Guided Tours

Every day there is something going on in the brickworks park: you can take part in activities every day and learn exciting facts about everyday life in the brickworks. But if you are interested in the details and would like it to be more detailed, then the guided tours every 1st weekend of the month are just right for you.

01.-02. Apr / 06-07 May / 03.-04. June / 01.-02. Jul / 06.-06. Aug / 02.-03. Sep / 07-08 Oct / 04-05 Nov

How a brick is made
12 p.m.

90 min.

Berlin in the early days: The metropolis was bursting at the seams and building materials were urgently needed. Millions of bricks were shipped from the “Zehdenicker Ziegeleirevier” via the Havel to booming Berlin in Finow Maß barges.

The production of the bricks was hard manual work. A short film gives you an insight into the work of brickmakers and the nature of the brickworks. With your guide you enter original sites, eg the old kilns.

Events_Leadership Ziegelstein1©justconnected

Steam engine, field railway & much more
14 p.m.

90 min.

Experience the rattling and hissing of the old machines in the historic workshops.
During the technology tour "Steam engine, field railway & more" the steam engine
brought to life. The tour guide demonstrates the technology and is happy to answer any questions about the former power supply. Then it goes to the field railway show.

Then look forward to the old technology and transmission system
in the old workshops with their
large leather straps and experience them live in action. Wander through the smithy, locksmith's shop and wheelwright's shop and get a tour guide explaining the individual machines up close.

Events_Guide Technology6©justconnected