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Train rides and activities in the Brickworks Park and Nature Park "Uckermärkische Seen"

A slight jerk and off you go on the brickworks railway through the brickworks park, past ring kilns and machine halls. Find your favorite place in the park and take part in one of our interactive activities, where all your questions will be answered individually and you can experience live how an old steam engine is brought back to life.

Brickyard tour
"the park at a glance"

The tour for “Ziegeleipark beginners”! This field railway (original locomotive with replica wagons) used to transport bricks, coal and other materials on the company premises. Go on a big tour with it. The train driver draws your attention to exciting things and gives you valuable tips for your stay. You even drive through the building of the old "Ziegelei Stackebrandt". The ride on the brickworks railway is included in the brickworks park ticket.

Travel times for the brickworks tour in the 2024 season:


11.00:12.00 p.m., 13.00,15.00,16.00:XNUMX p.m., XNUMX:XNUMX p.m

zadditionally from May to September 

at 10.00 a.m., 17.00 p.m. and 18.00 p.m

45 Minutes

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Brickyard tour
with demonstration and explanation of how the steam engine works

How does a steam engine work and what was it used for in the brickworks?

You can find out all this and much more on the brickworks tour through the park with a stop at the steam engine. The trip is also included in the Ziegeleipark ticket.

Travel times the brickworks tour with an explanation of the steam engine in the 2024 season:


10.30 and 12.30 clock

additionally from May to September

um 16.30 Uhr

60 Minutes

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Nature park tour
“At full steam through the tone engraving landscape”

Enjoy the nature of the clay engraving landscape and find out what role clay production played in the creation of this unique landscape.

Travel time of the nature park tour in the 2024 season:


14.30 pm

90 Minutes

Guided tours_nature park tour_©ZP

Daily Promotions

Follow the brick on its most important stage - the hand-painting and the firing! First you will learn how a brick was painted and you can try it out yourself. Pretty hard work! Afterwards you will learn more about how the ring oven works.

Guided tour with explanation of handstroke and how the ring oven works in the 2024 season:


11.30 and 13.30 clock

additionally from May to September

um 17.30 Uhr

Duration: 30 Minutes


Become an honorary steam train driver

Climb into the locomotive driver's cab and get to know the LOWA steam locomotive from a completely different side. Help heat it up, learn how to shunt, load coal and water and lubricate it. Set off on the journey from the museum harbor to the former clay mine to Burgwall on the 630 mm narrow-gauge tracks under the guidance and supervision of a professional train driver.

Unfortunately, for technical reasons, this offer is currently not available!

Costs 550 €

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