Summer party and family party
25 years of Ziegeleipark on Saturday, June 25, 2022


The Ziegeleipark Mildenberg celebrates its 2022th anniversary in 25. In the past few decades, the former Zehdenicker brickworks area has become a great industrial and technology museum and an exciting adventure land right on the Havel for the whole family. As a thank you for 25 years of loyalty, the Ziegeleipark invites you to a summer and family party on Saturday, June 25, 2022, officially presented by BB Radio. For this Saturday afternoon from 14 p.m. we have prepared a varied offer for young and old with many attractions and one or the other surprise.

Jens Herrmann, presenter and DJ Bb radio accompanies the guests through the afternoon and plays the best current hits in the greatest variety. At 15 p.m. you can get in the mood for the Roland Kaiser Double Show “Extreme Kaiserzeit” by Uwe Schock. In addition, congratulate us on our 25th anniversary Stout Scouts and give an exclusive concert live on stage from 17 p.m. The well-known band from Oranienburg plays atmospheric Irish Scottish folk with a high recognition value and contagious enthusiasm. Their trademarks are the Irish hand drum, banjo, guitar and mandolin as well as the dreamy soundscapes of violin and whistle. They are the classical instruments and the great hits of the irish folk, who will shape the concert. Original interpretations with a lot of humor and good speed about emigration, the enjoyment of whiskey and of course pretty women alternate with popular instrumental pieces.

In the meantime, there will be a lot to experience on the site of the brickworks park. The brick factory runs through the park every fifteen minutes and we are expanding the museum offer with many explanatory and hands-on activities, such as hand painting, the bar press and the popular brick factory driver's license, which is otherwise only offered during the holidays. There are many attractions for children, such as pony rides, go-karts, a bouncy castle, face painting for the little ones and henna painting for the grown-ups. The artist Susanne Gyalokay, who set up her summer studio in the Kugelmühle gallery in the Ziegeleipark, will create a huge birthday card for the Ziegeleipark with all the guests. And if you lose the overview with so much on offer, you can take a ride on the lifting platform and look at the anniversary festival and the park from above.

In addition to the regional flea market, you will discover the C&C Holzmanufaktur, which, out of love for old wood, produces handmade decorations for indoor and outdoor areas, playful and romantic at the same time. Children and young-at-heart adults should stop by the stuffed animals, magic boards and pens. When they get hungry, guests are spoiled for choice: in addition to delicious grilled game and chicken, burgers, classic goulash cannons and delicious langos, there are lots of sweets such as ice cream, crêpes and plenty of pastries. We even have our own vehicle on site to quench your thirst.

The festival takes place from 14 p.m. to 20 p.m. Admission to the festival is included in the Ziegeleipark ticket (8 euros for adults and 4 euros for children aged 14-4). Everything about the planned program is currently available on the event page of the Ziegeleipark Mildenberg The brickworks park is open from April 1, 2022 to November 6, 2022. Admission is daily from 10 a.m. to 17 p.m. Admission, including a tour of the brickworks, still costs 8 euros for adults and 4 euros for children aged 14-4.

Further information is available on telephone 03307-310 410 or at!